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Vallair completes teardown of two Airbus A320s for SETNA iO

Vallair, an aviation company providing integrated support for mature aircraft, engines, and major components, has completed the full teardown of two A320s on behalf of global aftermarket aircraft part supplier, SETNA iO.

The dismantlement process of the MSN 2372 and MSN 2393 has been co-ordinated at Vallair’s MRO facility in Montpellier, France.

Vallair’s intelligent repair management is combined with an integrated supply chain and global network of audited MRO facilities.

Vallair’s AFRA accredited facilities have been at the forefront of sustainable scrapping/recycling processes within their teardown management package, closely aligned with the comprehensive teardown function.

Within this package, Vallair’s technical support teams diligently oversee the repair and overhaul of components, aiming to minimise costs and efficiently reintroduce critical parts back into service.

Armando Filho, material management director at Vallair, said: “We work closely with SETNA iO and build business together in a mutually sustainable way.

“Vallair processes high volumes of aircraft parts every month, working with our in-house aerostructures repair shop based in Châteauroux. Our team will receive the nacelles for inspection and/or repair, and we have also bought back the thrust reversers from MSN 2372 to be repaired and be part of Vallair’s own stock.”

David Chaimovitz, chief executive of SETNA iO, said: “Our business is centred on providing rotable spares for  commercial, regional, and business aircraft looking to exchange, loan or purchase.

“We have been buying and selling parts together with Vallair for several years and working with their specialist team to manage a range of repairs for key components like nacelles for the past two years. This significant amount of high-quality A320 stock will boost USM availability of these core parts throughout our global stock hubs.”

Vallair states that it will carry out further narrowbody teardown projects in 2023.

Furthermore, to complement its new A330 widebody MRO capabilities in Châteauroux, the company is to analyse return potential on widebody teardowns.

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