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WinAir releases “most significant software update” since launch

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WinAir has released the latest version of its software. It includes new features, functionalities and software enhancements for streamlining and expediting aircraft maintenance processes, automating work steps and ensuring compliance.

WinAir said the release was its “most significant software update” since it introduced its web browser-based aviation management software, WinAir Version 7, in 2016.

Software additions include an advancement in scheduling triggers, a new warranties feature and new bin management functionality.

For scheduling triggers, businesses can now automatically trigger other tasks, such as a torque-check, after a component is installed on an aircraft. Users have the power to define a list of triggering components and positions for each task, WinAir said.

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When a part is installed on one of those positions, it will instantly schedule the required task. If a triggered task is already scheduled, then an override schedule will be created instead. This feature accelerates maintenance work steps, makes processes more robust and assists in maintaining compliance, according to WinAir.

The warranties upgrade allows users to track multiple calendar warranties on rotable parts from within the software. This could include, for example, both a manufacturer’s and a vendor’s warranty, but with different details for each, WinAir said.

The bin management functionality offers users the ability to define bin/locations to use in various areas at their locations. Users can move one or multiple batches from a specific bin/location to a new bin/location at the same base.

To further expedite bin management processes, users can generate printed barcode shelf labels for each bin from within WinAir, and track and manage those bins using a barcode scanner in conjunction with the software.

“We are thrilled to be unveiling a variety of new features and functions for improving operational performance in our WinAir Version 7.2 software release,” said WinAir’s managing director Kyle Vergeer. “Providing our users with the tools that they require to accommodate for change management in their maintenance programme is a key element to this software update. These enhancements to our aviation management software solidify WinAir as the top solution for managing aircraft maintenance and ensuring compliance.”

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