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CellPoint Digital and M&C collaborate to address airline payments challenges

A new payments solution for the aviation sector has been developed by a partnership between orchestration specialist CellPoint Digital and specialist tech developer M&C.

The partners said they aim to increase the value created for their joint customers “by helping reduce complexity, providing more control over their payment processes, mutually expand customer reach and differentiate their combined offering”.

Adad, M&C’s payment reconciliation platform, provides system agnostic management of back office tasks like reconciliation, cost management and accounting.

Combined with CellPoint Digital’s payment orchestration platform is can now validate and reconcile transactions across multiple payment providers, bank accounts and platforms.

CellPoint Digital says this provides a comprehensive “start-to-finish” payment solution to airlines.

Kristian Gjerding, chief executive of CellPoint Digital, said: “We’re continuing to expand our payment orchestration platform capabilities by providing the full end-to-end services and solutions that airlines need.

“Through our partnership with M&C, we can help airlines uncover new payment cost reduction opportunities and generate additional value from each transaction.

“M&C’s Adad platform is a natural fit alongside our Payment Orchestration platform, and airlines will reap the benefits of our pre-integrated solution.”

With airlines facing increasing challenges in payment processing due to digital transactions, cybersecurity threats, and diverse payment methods, such as mobile wallets and cryptocurrencies, compliance and integrations are becoming increasingly complex.

CellPoint Digital and M&C claim its partnership can help airlines address these critical issues while transforming payments from a cost center into a revenue driver.

Aymen Mechria, co-founder of M&C, added: “Through our partnership with CellPoint Digital, we can better serve the airline industry by delivering a solution that meets what airlines are demanding – a real-time, automated way to manage payments.

“Our combined solution empowers airlines to streamline payment processes that elevate efficiency and passenger satisfaction to new heights and reflects our commitment to enhancing the travel experience.”

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