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Kalitta Air chooses GE Digital’s Asset Records

Kalitta Air

Kalitta Air is the latest cargo airline to purchase GE Digital’s Asset Records software to streamline and simplify aircraft records and asset documentation.

Asset Records is designed to makes it easier for operators to streamline records management. With a single, cloud-based solution, operators can digitise, index, and archive maintenance records, connect the records and data of internal and external operations, facilitate documentation between airlines and lessors, and help match maintenance records to the relevant M&E (Maintenance & Engineering) system.

Kalitta Air, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan has a very large MRO division where it overhauls engines, airframes, and landing gear. It is the first airline to deploy GE Digital’s Asset Transfer System (ATS), a part of the Asset Records software suite, to manage its external work, customised to fit the engine modules that the company overhauls.

After the 80-day overhaul of an engine, the completed records need to be sent to the airline that owns the asset, so it has the records for its compliance needs. ATS helps streamline and simplify the way leased asset documentation is managed between airlines, lessors, and MROs. With two modules, records management and project management, users can drive efficiency throughout the leased asset lifecycle while assisting in compliance documentation.

“Moving to digital is key for our business because it helps us to speed the time to audit,” said Christopher Barks, Director of Quality for Kalitta Air. “GE Digital integration experts were critical enabling the digital flow with our Technical Operations and they did it fast. Implementation was done in eight weeks, when we were expecting 16 to 20 weeks.”

Key to the airline’s choice of ATS was support for e-signature and the ability to use tablets for data entry, which is more efficient for getting data into the system and going paperless. The software also allows for additional integration with external asset and contract software solutions.

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