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Rosen joins collaborative project to develop modular IFE platform

photo_camera A huge 97" Rosen Aviation screen spotted at AIX last week

In flight technology and content providers Touch, castLabs,1o1media and Rosen Aviation are to collaborate on a joint project.

This partnership focuses on developing a new type of modular IFE platform that uses modern technologies and integration to meet the needs of modern airlines and passengers.

The collaboration has several different elements. For one, Rosen Aviation and castLabs are enabling a web-based platform powered by castLabs’ media player, known as PRESTOplay. This will deliver content playback in HDR quality on Rosen’s screens. This collaboration ensures compatibility with any browser-based entertainment system, delivering a seamless experience whether content is streamed from within the aircraft or via connectivity from the ground.

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Meanwhile, 101media is developing an IFE experience that does not rely on connectivity, 1o1media will integrate their standalone entertainment system onto Rosen’s compute platform. This integration allows for consistent content delivery and quick updates through Above, a content supply chain platform owned by Touch and castLabs, whenever connectivity is available. This approach eliminates the need for maintaining separate systems, streamlining operations and enhancing passenger satisfaction.

Touch will fully integrate its Touch Media Center (TMC) system into the collaboration, providing flexible licensing terms to operators. This integration enables airlines to update content with the push of a button. Additionally, collaboration with edge caching providers will allow the implementation of media caching on onboard servers. This technology optimises bandwidth usage and improves the quality of streaming experiences by caching content closer to the point of use, ensuring smooth playback even during high-demand periods.


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