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Qatar Airways Cargo launches new automobiles product

Qatar Airways Cargo Drives Forward with the Launch of its latest product Drive
photo_camera Credit: Chalabala/Adobe Stock

Qatar Airways Cargo has announced the launch of its latest product, Drive, which is designed to transport various types of automobiles by air.

The airline states that Drive caters to the unique requirements of each vehicle – be it regular cars, vintage cars, premium or luxury models, new cars and sports cars.

It underscores the carrier’s commitment to delivering meticulous solutions for both personal and commercial vehicles.

Miguel Rodriguez Moreno, head of cargo products at Qatar Airways Cargo, said: “Drive exemplifies our unwavering commitment to precision and customer centricity.

“With this product, we combine technical proficiency, experienced teams and charter solutions to offer a tailored experience for the transportation of automobiles.

“We take pride in our expert and dedicated teams who have been involved in transporting vehicles for several years including vehicles for many global racing events.

“Our rigorous and meticulously designed training ensures that our dedicated staff follow handling protocols diligently at every stage of the journey.”

Qatar Airways Cargo states that Drive offers customers the ability to move different types of high value vehicles with engine and wheels in a safe and efficient manner, on the airline’s freighters and passenger flights to more than 160 belly-hold and over 70 freighter destinations, as well as to those destinations that are not part of its scheduled services.

The Drive product is equipped to offer full or part-charters catering to the airline customers’ requests.

Qatar Airways Cargo’s specialist teams from Special Loads, Dangerous Goods, Operations, Charters and its Loadmasters collaborate to offer the optimal loadability and cost-effective solutions for all vehicles being transported.

The teams also take extreme caution ensuring all safety measures are followed, and vehicles are tied down and secured properly before being flown on the flight, and the vehicles are monitored throughout the entire journey by the airline’s operational experts.

Qatar Airways Cargo has been transporting cars for several years, and in 2022 it transported over 1,400 vehicles.

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