Ceva Logistics strengthens position in Polish market with two contract extensions

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Ceva Logistics is strengthening its position in the Polish contract logistics market through two long-term contract extensions.

One, a lighting manufacturer, has been working with Ceva for over 10 years and the other, SVP Worldwide, is the parent company of many of the world’s sewing machine manufacturers and has worked with Ceva for more than five years.

Ceva Logistics’ managing director for Eastern Europe, Guillaume Sauzedde said: “Building long-term working relationships with Contract Logistics customers is a key part of our business success in Poland.  These two customers have seen that we are a trusted partner with who they can grow and expand their business across the region. We are delighted that both have chosen to renew their contracts with CEVA Logistics.”

A Ceva Logistics team of almost 400 employees ensures operational continuity of two warehouses in Poland for the lighting manufacturer, with a contract renewed until the end of 2022.

In both sites, which represent 60,000 square meters in total, Ceva is in charge of comprehensive warehouse services, including inbound and outbound operations, storage, transport organisation (transport planning including cut-off customer orders, order aggregation, operational communication with carriers) and value-added services.

From these two warehouses, Ceva distributes the customer’s products all over the world using innovative technologies which increase the safety and efficiency of its sites while maintaining its environmental credentials. This includes using on-demand packaging in order to reduce packaging to the minimum amount possible per parcel.

Ceva will also provide a full spectrum of warehousing and logistics services for machines, accessories and spare parts from sewing machine manufacturer SVP Worldwide. The company moved into a new warehouse in Stargard in north-west Poland from which Ceva will operate the transport and distribution of goods in central and northern Europe. The contract extension runs until 2023 with plans from the two companies to further expand activities.

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