DHL adds new features for my DHLi

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DHL Global Forwarding has announced new features and greater functionality for myDHLi, coinciding with the digital platform’s first anniversary.

It says that after a successful launch of myDHLi, it has expanded the global availability of the platform from initially eight to 62 countries. In addition, it claims that online bookings and sales rose by +56 per cent (yoy Q1/2020 to Q1/2021).

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The country implementation coincides with additional improvements to existing functionalities like the integration of a “save and edit” option and new services such as myDHLi Reports to increase shipment transparency. In addition, for the first time, the platform is now available for road freight customers, with the roll-out starting in Turkey.

“For us, myDHLi translates digitalisation into customer-centricity. That’s why we put an enormous amount of work into the implementation and roll-out. Customers can easily book shipments through the modern and intuitive platform while having full control over the quotes with 360-degree visibility. By the end of 2020 we had 1,000 customers on the platform. Now, just five months later, we have reached 3,000 customers spread across 62 countries,” says DHL Global Forwarding, Americas CEO, Tim Robertson . “In light of this successful launch to market, we will continue to expand the platform by adding more languages over time.”

With a “customer first” approach, the Quote + Book functionality offers improved usability and transparency. Customers can save their quote at any point and resume at a later time while still retaining the valid offer. Should key details not yet be available at the beginning of the booking process, it is easy to pick back up at a later point to complete the quote, DHL explains. As well as improving usability, the platform offers a new feature, called myDHLi Reports, which provides full visibility of past and current shipment data to be used for lane and shipment analysis.

All improvements includes 360-degree visibility of shipments at any stage of the journey and a multi-channel approach, so that all information is available in one place. What’s more, built-in popular social media features like Follow + Share simplify communications along the supply chain by enabling customers to exchange information with their own clients, colleagues, and suppliers.


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