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Aviation Business News COP28 Special Issue

Aviation Business News COP28 Environmaental Special Issue

As I write these words, it is Transport Day at COP28. As usual a lot of words are being said about the ‘challenging’ goal of net zero by 2050. Given that SAF currently makes up just 0.1 per cent of the world’s jet fuel, I’d be tempted to use slightly stronger language than that. However, while slashing the emissions made by aircraft might be very difficult, it is not impossible, but it isn’t just the job of one or two OEMs. Instead, it will require input from everyone connected to aviation.

We’ve approached several of the top equipment and MRO suppliers to explain in their own words both what they are doing for the environment, and how they plan to make their products and services better, lighter and more efficient.

We’ve also included coverage of the COP conference, and some of our favourite articles on the topic from the four ‘pillars’ that support Aviation Business News, namely Aircraft Cabin Management, Low‐Cost and Regional Airline Business, Air Cargo Management and MRO Management.

I hope you enjoy this special issue and find it useful. Don’t forget that our website, aviationbusinessnews.com, is updated daily and has thousands of articles on the topics of modernisation, technology and the environment.

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