Covarians launches ‘Aerometrix’ cabin air quality monitoring service

Covarians, a company specialised in Internet of Things applications for aviation, has launched a cabin air quality monitoring service.

The global ‘Aerometrix’ service will monitor air quality, passenger comfort and other environmental parameters. It will be officially launched at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Aerometrix is based on a range of non-intrusive autonomous sensors that can be installed without requiring aircraft modification, according to Covarians.

The service provides airlines with information regarding thermal comfort, air quality, ventilation efficiency, equipment health monitoring and many other operational parameters.

Covarians said its goal was “to contribute to elucidate the fume events controversy and make cabin air quality monitoring an affordable reality for airlines and passengers”.

Covarians’ CEO Frederic Griffe said the solution to fume events is to “beat the statistics by putting sensors in a large number of airplanes for an extended period of time”. But this can be done only if the installation does not impact passenger experience, aircraft operations and airline revenues, he said.

“To ensure good measurement it is necessary to position the sensors at the most air quality representative spots within the cabin,” the company added. “Very often these spots are in plain sight of passengers so the sensors have to be as discreet as possible and match the finely crafted cabin style. Bearing all these requirements in mind, this is exactly what Covarians has achieved with Aerometrix sensors.”

Griffe added: “This has been a four-year long development programme with extensive experimentation. Over the past years Aerometrix sensors have flown more than 22,000 hours in regular passenger flights.”

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